A month after Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) came under fire for tweeting to thank a supporter for a sexist attack on a potential Democratic opponent, his chief strategist is following his lead…

The article slammed Davis’s gun views, identifying her as “Abortion Barbie,” and dismissed her as “even dumber than her fake blonde hair would imply.”

The Texas director for the Koch Brother’s Americans for Prosperity, Peggy Venable, admonished Carney that while she too believed Davis to be “out of step” with the views of Texas, it was “not an issue of Wendy Davis’ intelligence.”

Dear GOP,

Yes, you still have a problem with women.


A majority of women

But the unemployed, unlike the shiftless children King imagines them to be, seek jobs against huge obstacles. There are currently three job seekers for every job opening in the country — and that is the lowest that ratio has been in years. The severity of the Great Recession has made long-term unemployment far more common than in previous economic downturns, and being unemployed for nine months has the same impact on your odds of getting hired as losing four full years of experience from a résumé. The longer a person’s jobless stint, the worse her odds of ending it become. Millions of the people King disparaged as lazy brats on Monday night have gone back to school in hopes of bettering their job prospects, have retired early after failing to find work, or been looking for jobs for three years without success.